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Founded in 1944, Wadsworth Solutions is committed to providing our customers with a secure, energy efficient environment for their facilities. Whether it is for new construction or a retrofit of an existing facility, Wadsworth's expert design team has a solution that can save your business time and money by removing the burdens of facility maintenance. We continue to be a reliable source and regional leader in HVAC Equipment, Building Automation, Building Security and Data Center industries.

Wadsworth's reputation is representative of our highly experienced staff, one that specializes in the design, installation, integration, and maintenance of our automation systems. Our team is fully committed to meeting your satisfaction before, during, and after construction and implementation of your new Wadsworth environmental control systems.

We offer 24 hour service with a group of experienced service technicians and mechanics. No project is too big or too small, as Wadsworth has an exemplary history of service to private, corporate and governmental agencies. Find out today how Wadsworth Solutions can help streamline your building operations processes and save your business time and money by implementing a custom designed building environment control system.

Energy Conservation Strategies

Wadsworth Solutions engineering and environmental solutions for new construction, remodeling and retrofits.

Wadsworth engineers specialize in tailor designed systems that match our clients' needs as perfectly as possible. We can provide engineering and environmental solutions for new construction, remodeling and retrofits. At the same time, we believe strongly in making our solutions practical, affordable, and value engineered, to save you money during the initial design and over the life of the unit or system. Energy conservation and efficiency strategies are key components of Wadsworth's value added strategies and can benefit your business by reducing overhead and operating costs dramatically.

Facility Efficiencies

Wadsworth efficiency system integration program

Reduce your facility operating expenses and general overhead costs with a custom designed Wadsworth efficiency system integration program. Let us create an system that will maintain, monitor and automate your facility systems to ensure optimal operating and efficiency levels. By taking the responsibility for building functions out of your hands, Wadsworth Engineers can reduce the time spent maintaining your facility, while improving safety and efficiency. Find out how Wadsworth automation systems can help save your business time and money today.

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